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What may have originally been regarded as an ancient group of heretical Christians, Gnosticism has proved itself to be so much more. Until the discovery at Nag Hammadi in 1945, all that was known about Gnosticism and its traditions were derived from works by men who were attempting to overthrow and stamp out the Gnostic religion.

At this time in history, the bishops had declared that there was to be no salvation outside of the true church. Who is to say what church really is the true church? By studying these documents, scholars are now able to better understand the origins of Christianity. Gnostic scholar and author claims that now “we may have to recognize that early Christianity is far more diverse” as compared to what was originally thought.


The Mystic Christ
   by Ethan Walker III

The light of non-duality and the path of love according to the life and teachings of Jesus. The Gnostic path is the inner path to God-realization. Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and the other great Masters are all one and in essence taught the same thing.

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